Private Lessons

Flexibility is our mantra.

Typically, we organize a long-term course over a longer period of time;  usually there are 10-12 lessons, 60-90 minutes in length or longer – depending on the nature of the activity:

Individual Lessons


The activity is education or entertainment (ideally both) and takes place in private. Most commonly, tutors come to clients’ homes or offices.


No matter if you are an adult, a child or a senior, what matters is your appetite for learning and your desire to spend your free time meaningfully while developing your talent or your hobby.


The benefit of the private nature of our services is that you can set up their length and frequency to suit to your individual preferences; the same applies to the content and focus of your course.

Group Lessons

The Group

A course or a free time activity can be done in a pair or a small group, depending on what you are after and who you wish to share your course with. It can be siblings who want to follow lessons together or friends of any age.

Host Family Discount

If you put a group together, it is not only motivational but can also be beneficial to your budget: starting from 3 participants the price for the host is significantly reduced, if there is five of you or more, the host gets the whole course for free!


Some lessons (often creative or sport oriented) may require a specially equipped space, tools or arrangements, making it impossible to hold them at your home. Our Play Day team is prepared to organize a suitable space that is easy to reach by the participant group. The same applies to our special theme weekends that we organize for you “all inclusive” 

Examples of Private Courses:

  • Nordic walking with friends led by an experienced instructor
  • Beatbox or graffiti course for teenagers
  • Individual preparation for school final exams for your daughter
  • Exercise and physiotherapy for your grandma
  • Guitar lessons for active siblings
  • French conversation over Skype