Corporate Activities

Flexibility Is Our Mantra

Corporate Lessons and Activities

What's It All About

We all strive to have achieving and highly motivated teams. This is why you need to offer your colleagues more than the daily chit-chat in your canteen or a good time during a party celebration. Powerful get-togethers happen around situations of common learning or a shared hobby that they can enjoy together. It is a new concept in our part of the world but it has been popular in other countries (such as the US) for a long time.

What Can You Expect

The benefit lies in the regularity of such team gatherings; they work on similar basis as group lessons in private setting. However, they do have an additional benefit in positive reflection on work morale and team cohesion. Because its members have a chance to meet up during other than work-related occasions, it pulls them closer and they naturally develop a more profound understanding for each other. The ideal is to choose an activity that all team members will feel excited to join.

Few Examples for Inspiration:

  • chess group for better combination skills
  • beatbox and graffiti for relaxing and support of creative thinking
  • learning to play an instrument together for team tuning
  • drawing course for visual imagination
  • company choir because together, we are stronger
  • yoga, meditation and relax to feel better
  • self-defense, because you never know

A Different Team-building

Tired of high ropes, running after indications, or competing who gets out of the escape room first?

Something Meaningful

We offer you a tailored team-building focused on creativity and discovery as per your request. You will try something completely new, learn skills that will broaden your horizons. Experience team success that is tangible. Together, you can spend moments to remember…

It is Yours

Together we will come up with the most suitable program for your group – one that will correspond to what your team needs most. Sometimes it is about bonding, finding a common ground or confronting our views. Another time, it may be a good moment to overcome a barrier or experience adrenaline. Activities and topics can also be creatively intertwined, combined, connected by a legend, a theme seminar, an expert workshop or the appearance of an exclusive guest. Professional facilitation, accommodation, catering or transport arrangements are a matter of course.

Examples for Inspiration:

  • exotic team-feast preparation
  • ecological design and decoration (of your workspace)
  • photo-expedition around the city with expert interpretation
  • creative wood-work, leather-work or work with other materials
  • a group artistic project (ceramic mosaic or original sculpture)
  • music boot camp completed by a team composition