Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry and let us know what your interest may be. Our offer is far from complete as we specialize in tailored solutions and fitting lessons to your individual needs.

This is why we are here. Smaller children often enjoy a creative course that combines different artistic or musical activities. It seems like the ideal way of introducing  pre-schoolers and younger school kids to a variety of things without having to sign them up for a defined all-year course that they will stop enjoying after few lessons.

Sure, if your apply for our lessons, we can arrange a lease of the instrument for the time period in question.

Our tutors not only have expert skills in their domain but some also offer courses in different languages. However, if you choose to get introduced to the Czech cuisine together with the the experience of learning some Czech cooking terms, this can also be arranged. That way  you benefit from improving your skills in both areas.

This is a common inquiry. Teams need their time off to breathe and energize. Weare  used to treating team-building demands very creatively and every solution is original. We focus on activities that are meaningful and have a long-term effect. Let us know what your thoughts and expectations are.

Sure, please contact us and we will see what we can do. If your location is out of reach, a group course can be the way to go. However, if your interest is exclusively in individual tutoring, we will find a solution.