You live a new life with every language you speak.

What are you up to

  • Are you planning to go abroad and want to be able to communicate?
  • Is your child ready to advance quicker than their language class at school?
  • You are happy with your level in regular conversations but uncertain when it comes to speaking in a professional or business environment?
  • Are you a student who needs to prepare systematically for a language exam?
  • Are you a foreigner in this country and would like to discover the particularities of the Czech language?

What we offer

Child or adult, beginners or advanced, less or more talented, your tutor will always select the approach that will suit you best. Together you will first discuss your desired outcome in order to choose the best tools and ways to reach it.

We will organize your course in all commonly used languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech for Foreigners, but we are also ready to suit your more unusual requests.

Why Us

At Play Day we know no limits or barriers. We will find you an instructor for any course you dream of.

In case of outage or unsatisfactory cooperation, we will exchange your lecturer/tutor/instructor at any point during the course for free.

You can choose to take your selected course in the language that you understand. Or you can get two in one course by taking lessons in a foreign language that you wish to improve.

If you have neighbors or friends with similar interests that want to take part in the same course as you, you can get the course for free!

We own a wide ranging database of experienced lecturers/tutors/instructors that are experts in their subject and are experienced in teaching.

We are partners with several bonus programs that allow you to select our services as part of your company remuneration package.