Making the invisible visible.

What are you up to

  • Do you dream of starting to paint when the right inspiration comes along?
  • Do you take photos but they are just not right?
  • Would you like to try knitting, sewing or cooking and don’t know who could teach you?
  • Are your kids bored at home and you would like to offer them a creative activity?
  • Is your student interested in an art school and do they need a tutor who will help them prepare?

What we offer

Our lecturers have a wide range of experience and they can adapt to your needs. Some create in their own space, some can come to you. It all depends on the particular activity that you are interested in. And the equipment that is required.

If there is more of you, we can organize a creative course, a drama course, a photo walk in Prague, or a private expedition after art or architecture. The same applies to making puppets, ceramics or cooking. These activities are also ideal as original team-buildings for work teams.