Spring Day Camps for Children

Creative art camps from Monday to Friday, morning till evening. Great alternative for all non skiers 🙂

Dates and Topics

Our Planet Earth (Feb.11–15, 2019, CVC Botic)
Musical World of Magic (Feb.18–22, 2019, CRC Kouzelny ostrov)
The Greenland Expedition (Feb.18.–22, 2019, Muddum Art Space)

Our planet Earth

Feb. 11–15, 2019, CVC Botic

We will focus on our planet Earth, its gifts – how to accept them while not causing any harm. Monika, the art lecturer, will show us how to make an original art piece out of ordinary things that we tend to regard as objects of waste. We will learn how to respect our environment, get to know various materials and techniques , recycle creatively. We will work with dry fruits, rice, seeds and other interesting structures such as sand. All that while keeping universe, natural environment, and animals as our general topic. We will experiment with the monotype acrylique technique, girls will especially love making jewelry for their mom from little stones and newspaper.  Kids will enjoy the collaboration between visual arts and movement through playful yoga, conducted by Jirina. She will show them how to perform various asanas, play group games, connect visual arts and creative movement, experiment with relaxation and concentration. Surely there will be opportunity to discover the urban outdoors and visit something inspirational connected to our topic. The week’s closing event is devoted to a vernissage prepared by the kids for their parents. And there will be space for a little surprise as well. 


  • visual and creative arts,
  • crafts and earth symbols,
  • ecology, recycling, nature,
  • reading and music, 
  • child yoga and natural movement,
  • collective games and fun

CAPACITY: 10–15 kids

experience with the topic: YES or NO
comfortable clothing for exercise
clothes that can get dirty from paint

LOCATION: CVČ Botič, Na Slupi 1445/19, Praha 2


CZK 5 199,-
Group Participation Discount 5% (on every enrollment)

(for example – when a sibling/s or a friend/s joins together)

Musical World of Magic

Feb. 18–22, 2019, CRC Kouzelny ostrov

The kids can look forward to a week of great musical experiences enriched by dance and movement activities. The main lecturer is a pianist and cimbalom player Vladka,  who knows best how to make children acquainted with music in a playful way. She also takes care of the more experienced, making sure they make the progress they are aiming for. The second lecturer to share her experience is Edita, a classical singer and music teacher. Children will taste the basics of working with their voice, its tone and learn some useful breathing techniques. There will also be a part devoted with the art of personal presentation and performance, useful in any domain, even back at school. And that’s not all! We will also welcome some inspiring guests that will pay us a visit at the camp and also enjoy two musical outings around the city.


  • music, playing instruments, singing,
  • breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • movement and dance,
  • fairy-tales, magic,
  • presentation and performance

CAPACITY: 10–15 kids

experience with the topic: YES or NO
if in possession of – a musical instrument

LOCATION: CRC Kouzelný Ostrov, Teplická 17, Praha 9


CZK 5 199,- 
Group Participation Discount 5% (on every enrollment)
(for example – when a sibling/s or a friend/s joins together)


The Greenland Expedition

Feb. 18.–22, 2019, Muddum Art Space

Let’s visit the great land of Greenland! We will meet the local fauna, the inhabitants and listen to some traditonal music that can be heard in the country.  We will also study the land’s myths and famous tales. We will turn our own animated movie inspired by the land’s themes. Our various explorations will be taken via art routes and ceramics.  The camp will be lead by Klara, the Muddum Art Studio manager and her colleagues: Luis and Olivia. You may also meet the wax seal, polar bear of mud and experience the sound of typical inuit drums. During the expedition we will see it we can find some snow in the surrounding area and maybe even visit the ice ring!

As the program is bilingual CZ/EN – we also welcome kids who do not speak any Czech.


  • mud, wax,
  • fauna and flora,
  • art techniques,
  • animated film,
  • Greenland’s myths, tales and music,
  • creative arts,
  • natural movement

CAPACITY: 10–12 kids

clothes for expedition (can get dirty)
ice-skates (if you have)

LOCATION: MUDDUM Art Space, Kostelní 952/24, Praha 7 – Holešovice


CZK 5 499,- 
Group Participation Discount 5% (on every enrollment)

(for example – when a sibling/s or a friend/s joins together)


Camps are all-day, from Monday through Friday
Arrival btw 8:30–9:30
Program: 9:30–16:30
Departure btw 16:30–17:30

PRICE always includes:

  • all-day program and professional care by two qualified lecturers
  • all-day quality catering (2-course lunches, 2 × snack, drinking regime)
  • 1-2 outside trips during the week,  possibly a visit of an inspirational guest/s
  • insurance for accidents
  • all tools and material
  • space rental

Registration ONLY online at www.veselyprimestak.cz

By participating at our day camp you directly support Lemniskata, Life without Barriers, NGO